Linker for publishers

Linker is an innovative platform for the recommendation and distribution of content on partner media. Using an advanced algorithm, the system recognizes the content that interests the user and distributes it to the right audience.

Linker recognizes all your business needs, it is user-friendly, free and fully adaptable. Increase your revenues, user engagement and media reach via Linker content recommendation platform.

Increase reading engagement and monetize your content

Monetization of your content

Linker enables you to maximize monetization of your content on your preferred medium in an efficient and discrete manner (native advertising). Generate additional revenues on a portal or mobile app without affecting existing models and advertising space.

Reach and traffic

Increase the reach and traffic to your medium through quality content recommendations in partner media. If you want to drive more reader traffic to certain sections or videos, or achieve some other goals – Linker can help you do it.

Control your own content

You would like to increase the engagement of your readers, the number of page views and the time spent on the portal? Perhaps further highlight and boost traffic to some attractive content or, for example, increase your video's performance? Linker has a great tool for that, too!

Desktop, mobile, apps...

Linker is optimized for all platforms!

Linker can be used on all platforms as the system automatically adapts and delivers the right content to users. Advanced targeting is also possible depending on the platform used.

Become a partner!

Linker is free to use, its integration is extremely simple and in just a couple of minutes the system is ready to use on your medium. Try Linker – the solution for modern online publishers!

Become a Partner

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