What is Linker? Why media and advertisers use Linker

A pop-up shop in the physical world will attract attention and new customers, but a pop-up ad in the virtual world might cost you a customer instead. How many times have you yourself looked for the little X in the right corner of an ad in order to quickly close it? Aggressive advertisements are an obstacle to users on their way to content, which is exactly why native advertising has proven to be the right path for all parties involved – advertisers and media companies, as well as end users.

Published on 17.03.2019.

What is Linker? Why media and advertisers use Linker

The reign of the native format: Long live the king

Native advertising refers to the concept of creating discreet content that integrates smoothly with other content on the page and is consistent with other platform elements, making visitors trust the ad or content considerably more than traditional ads that stick out and are clearly out of place.

Research shows that 79 percent of users prefer native ads, and as many as 38 percent make a purchase based on such ads. So why isn’t everyone betting on native advertising? Making the intended message clear and suitable for every platform requires expertise, and sometimes the lack of a clear vision hampers further progress. The mainstream is slowly transitioning into native territory, as evidenced by a PRNewswire article published in 2019 highlighting that native advertising investments are expected to increase by 372 percent from 2020 to 2025. When expressed in actual numbers, this constitutes an increase from 85 billion USD to 402 billion USD in the span of only 5 years.

How Linker transforms your vision into results

Linker offers a selection of first-rate solutions maximizing the potential for all parties involved. Content creators and advertisers increase their reach thanks to Linker’s network of clients who share content on several levels, while content users have added value to already consumed content and multiple options to continue consuming content. You will no longer have to fear that a quality piece of investigative journalism will not reach its audience, that your hearing aids will be advertised to teenagers, or that your products will be shown to the wrong target group.

Linker displays native ads/content at key strategic moments when the user is already deciding what to focus on next, making the experience natural, non-intrusive and uninterrupted. This form of engagement [is valuable because it] ensures higher user engagement, and therefore higher revenue. 

While standard native formats are only a first step toward achieving results, Linker also offers several innovative formats. One example is Linker Story, which provides advertisers with an opportunity and space for quality storytelling using multiple creative elements in a native format. Another feature is the In-text format, which pushes boundaries (literally and figuratively) by moving from the bottom of the text to being embedded within the text, thus adding a tint of exclusivity. In this way content is displayed on its own, without competing for attention with other ads.

Video has been the go-to medium for years now – it is versatile, easy to consume, entertaining and often more engaging, and it uses more senses than text alone, making it more appealing to the average user. By 2021 internet traffic will consist of videos to the tune of 80 percent. Linker is moving with the times and offers a native video format displayed at the end of already viewed content as part of a standard widget, in which case advertisers only pay for actual views. Your message, too, can be part of this. Custom-made solutions are available for clients with special requests and needs.

Advertisers can feel the pulse of their audience and rethink their own strategies and end results using analytical tools. Hard questions do not have to be hard.

We are rapidly moving into the future. Clicks are no longer the most valuable asset on the web. You want relevant users to find out about your content and services, choose them, and then become and remain loyal customers. Linker can help you start now.

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