The future of advertising is here – native advertising is the winning formula

If you think that native advertising is a thing of the future, you are already living in the past. Here is why you need to pay more attention to this result-producing tool.

Published on 26.09.2019.

The future of advertising is here – native advertising is the winning formula
Aggressive advertisements do not work any more. Their time has passed. Pop-up ads are a nuisance preventing users from seeing what they actually want to see – the content. A colourful top banner takes up precious space on the screen. Side banners? They reduce the space potentially available for content.

Good content is king, and individuals, media companies and brands providing such content will feast at the royal table. 

While traditional ads are intrusive and sometimes completely ignored by more experienced users, native advertising is more acceptable to consumers. There are no major interruptions like those in standard ads, and reading flow is maintained. Native ads are shown at a specific point, most often near the end of the currently consumed content, when users are already going through the cognitive decision-making process regarding the content to be consumed next.

What is native advertising?

For a few years now, native advertising has been the buzz word and a key element of every marketing strategy. 
It refers to the concept of creating discreet content consistent with other platform elements and integrating smoothly into the page. This makes the visitor feel like the content of the ad belongs there and does not stick out.
Research shows that 79 percent of users prefer native ads, and 38 percent make a purchase based on such ads.
According to an article published on PRNewswire in 2019, native advertising spending is expected to increase by 372% from 2020 to 2025. When expressed in actual numbers, which may still be difficult to envisage, but are somewhat more tangible, this constitutes an increase from 85 billion USD in 2020 to 402 billion USD by 2025. This is the last call for the high-speed train; board it while you can.

Linker is a high-speed train that will quickly and safely take you to your destination

Are you losing sleep over how you are going to reach your target audience? Do you ever feel like you have spent time and other resources to come up with quality content, only for it to be read by 15 people, 7 of whom are the editor and your friends? We do not have a magical solution, but we know how to help.

Linker offers excellent solutions for maximising the potential of all participants. Content creators and advertisers are given access to leading Croatian web portals, and with Linker’s help, their content goes beyond the limits of portals to reach end users. In order to provide advertisers with a suitable context for their content, Linker is only active on high-quality, wide-reach news portals and leading niche digital media. Linker is also aware of the specific requirements made by publishers and advertisers and develops tailor-made solutions when required. Publishers and advertisers are in the good hands of our data experts, as well as our media and marketing experts, and have at their disposal an in-house development team ready to respond quickly and offer innovative solutions.

For example, if a media partner wants to offer their readers personalised recommendations for further reading, a special algorithm is created to make it happen. This then leads to an increase in the number of website visits and page loads, more time spent on the portal, and other customisable goals.

In order to provide the best possible service, Linker also uses its proprietary technology, which is continuously developed. The top-notch user experience uses content refining to increase your revenues and boost user engagement.

In addition to the usual internet advertising methods, gatekeepers such as Facebook and Google, there is also a need for a local advertising network that not only increases the rating of local advertisers and media companies, but also provides an opportunity for content to take off and go further than previously possible.

Along with the standard native formats, Linker offers several innovative formats, some of which have been developed in close cooperation with advertisers. One example is Linker Story, enabling advertisers to use multiple creative elements to tell their story in a native format, an ideal brand awareness tool. Another interesting feature is the In-text format, which adds a tint of exclusivity due to its position within the text and the fact that it is displayed on its own, without competing for attention with other ads.

Also, we have recently created Slider, a format specifically developed and tested for one of our advertisers. This is a larger format providing advertisers with even more visibility and presence on premium media. 

In 2020, videos are an absolute must. Linker knows that and we therefore offer a native video format displayed at the end of the consumed content as part of a standard widget, in which case advertisers only pay for actual views.

Advanced ad targeting depending on the platform, geolocation and interests is also available. Advertisers can also use other options, such as conversion tracking and remarketing.

In addition, advertisers have at their disposal analytical tools, which use collected data to generate meaningful insights on campaigns. These insights can then be used to make more efficient decisions on future activities. Would you like to test a few titles? Do you want to know which of your products generates more audience interest? Mobile or desktop? Linker is here to assist you and turn all your concerns into easy wins.

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