Constant changes in social media algorithms are giving you headaches? Turn to better solutions

With its advertising tools, Facebook gave us keys to the kingdom – and then changed the locks.

Published on 02.11.2019.

Constant changes in social media algorithms are giving you headaches? Turn to better solutions
They are constantly making changes to their algorithms. One of their main motives is gaining advantage over their competition, but earnings from advertisers motivate them even more. When you combine this with increased control over users’ newsfeed content, advertisers and content creators suffer serious consequences.

The Facebook algorithm decides which content users can see, in which order and when. Since 2018, Facebook has been progressively growing and its algorithm rapidly changing, and it is quite possible that the reach of your posts has been making you frustrated or even angry.

By the end of 2019, the average reach of Facebook posts dropped by 2.2 percent – which means that your posts are seen by approximately 5.5 percent of your followers, and these results can be even worse for larger brands. This is just the culmination of earlier downturns in content reach on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network – back in 2012, reach had declined to only 16 percent of fans. 

One solution to this problem would be to increase the budget to further promote and advertise your posts, but in doing so you would only be helping Facebook and encouraging their further changes.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that media and advertisers are looking for new sources of traffic. Experts agree that turning to other sources of traffic and diversifying risks is the way to go. This way, the quality of content improves, media can build stronger and more loyal communities, and content distribution becomes way better.

One of the tools that can help you with content distribution is the Linker platform. Linker enables you to access a network of premium portals, improve content visibility and reach of your ads, and finally – increase your profit. With Linker tools you can optimize your posts and headlines, while state-of-the-art analytical tools help you tailor strategies and optimally select your target audience. You have an insight into traffic levels from other portals, but you also see the traffic you sent to other portals. Number of content views? Number of clicks on presented content? Article click-through rate? All of these numbers are important for content optimization and future success.

Users who visit certain media via Linker open an average of 2.4 pages while users who visit via Facebook open an average of 1.5 pages.

If we look at the average time users spend on a website, Linker has a clear advantage over Facebook. Linker users stay on portals for as long as 2.02 minutes, compared to mobile Facebook users who stay for only 0.34 minutes and desktop Facebook users who stay for only 1.05 minutes on average. 

Despite algorithm changes on social networks, you don’t have to worry – your content will be displayed and you'll start reaping results. Quality distribution of quality content – with Linker.

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