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With an emphasis on user experience and expectations, native ads are designed to foster a relationship with the reader. Ads are promoted as recommendations in the natural environment of the medium read by the user and are adapted to the format, function, or content of the webpage on which they are placed.

Native ads are shown at a crucial moment when the user, after reading an article, is considering what to consume next.


of users prefer the way native ads blend in with the page


higher interaction of native ad users*
* compared to classic display ads


of users will make a purchase through native ads


of users agree that native ads fit in naturally into the website content

Why advertise via Linker Native network?

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Real-time display and efficiency data are available at all times

In just a few clicks, you can monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns and ads, and change and adapt your current campaigns accordingly.

Achieve your goals by using testing tools, changing the parameters and monitoring conversions, with our expert support available to you at all times!

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Increase your traffic

Increase the traffic on your website and achieve your desired goals with Linker. Recommend your content to your target audience on the most visited and best online media.

What to promote?

Linker enables you to promote content published on your brand's official website (news, sale events, blogs, etc.), PR and native articles published on different portals (additional promotion and increased reading engagement), apps and quizzes, videos, webshop.

How does it work?

Once registered, you can specify your daily budget, set up your first campaign and in just a couple of minutes you will start getting visits from potential customers from the most popular web portals.

Pricing model

ou will only pay for actual clicks on your content (cost per click – CPC).

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